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Whether you have a company car or you drive your own personal vehicle, if you are driving for business purposes you must seek business car insurance. Your personal car insurance policy will not cover you in the event of an accident if you are using your car for business, without your insurers knowledge. They could also cancel your policy entirely, causing deeper risks and problems that can be easily prevented. 

If your business has two or more vehicles you need to find business car insurance, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

What is business car insurance?

Business car insurance is another type of car insurance aimed specifically to cover you for any business or work related travel. So, if you use your car, or a company car, for any work journey you will need business insurance. If you have a company car it’s worth checking with your employer if they have provided the right level of insurance. 

Normal car or vehicle insurance will not cover you for business related travel, regardless of how often this may be. Whether you work as a cleaner or own a haulage company, you and your employees may require additional protection with business car insurance. 

If you are using your car whilst working then you will need business car insurance. 

Additionally, if you use vehicles such as cars, vans, or HGV’s as part of your work then you’ll likely need a specific commercial insurance policy such as HGV Fleet Insurance or Van Fleet Insurance. This is relevant for taxi drivers, couriers, HGV drivers, as examples.

Tasks relevant to business car insurance may include;

  • Visiting customers or clients at a different location than your business premises
  • Travelling to different business locations – even if they are your businesses’
  • Driving to the bank or shop for work purposes
  • Transporting other employees to complete business duties 

What are the types of business car insurance? 

Typically, the classes of use to consider may fall into the following:

  • Social, Domestic and Pleasure use – This would allow a policyholder to commute to and from one permanent place of work. A business car insurance policy would not be recommended in this instance, it’s likely you’d need to insure your fleet vehicles individually to obtain the best premiums.
  • Class 1 Business Use – This would allow the policyholder to travel to more than one permanent place of work, or visit a customer/client. An area manager, for example, may require this use.
  • Class 2 Business Use – This would allow the same use as class 1 but for additional drivers named on the policy too.
  • Class 3 Business Use – This would provide the widest cover available allowing long-distance travelling for those that need to travel across the country, racking up high mileage.

You may also want to consider fleet breakdown cover too, which we can arrange to run alongside your fleet business car insurance.

How much does business car insurance cost?

Business car insurance can be more expensive than your typical cover, however it’s an invaluable protection if you are using your vehicle for work purposes. The cost can depend on the type of insurance you require. 

Other factors, which will be discussed in order to receive a quote, include; occupation, amount of travelling and distance required, mileage and type of car/s. 

Does business car insurance cover social use?

Yes, business car insurance covers you for social use too, just as regular personal insurance does.

Is business car insurance cheaper than personal?

Usually business insurance is more expensive than personal insurance as you will be on the road more than the average driver, perhaps travelling on unfamiliar roads in rush hour etc. The more you are on the road, the more likely it is that you will be in an accident, therefore your premium will be higher.

How can I get business car insurance cheap?

One of the most efficient ways to get business car insurance is by having a fleet insurance policy, this includes two or more vehicles. As the experts in all varieties and vehicles of fleet insurance, you’ve come to the right place! 

Alternatively, shopping around and gaining quotes from multiple providers is a great way to ensure you get the best deal possible – but please do ensure you’re getting the right level of cover you absolutely need. 

To discuss your requirements please get in touch with one of our expert, friendly team members today.


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