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Van Breakdown Cover

Here at Fleetcover, we provide different levels of van breakdown cover, working with you to establish the best policy for your business needs.

Our breakdown cover can provide you with the most effective cover from two vehicles upwards. So if you have a small or large fleet of vans we have you covered.

Our van breakdown cover can also be added to fleet insurance policies to ensure maximum protection for you and your business.

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What level of van breakdown cover do I need?

The level of breakdown cover you require depends on your needs and driving habits. We offer different levels of van breakdown cover to suit all business sizes and budgets.

Our range of cover supports your business operations, with premium features and wider locations available if this is most suited.

We offer four main types of van breakdown cover, see below:

  • UK local cover
  • UK local and national cover
  • UK local, national and doorstep cover
  • UK and European cover

Why do I need van breakdown cover?

Whether your fleet of vans are old, new, used everyday or every once in a while, they all have possibilities of breaking down, which could be detrimental to your business.

Having van breakdown cover ensures your employees, vans, and business, continue to work with minimal disruption.

Choosing the right level of protection and cover for you is also critical and an essential cost to get your van back on the roads swiftly and safely.

What does Van Breakdown Cover cost?

Although it can depend on a number of factors, prices start from £35.41. 

To learn more about our van and fleet breakdown cover options for your business, please get in touch with our friendly team.  Alternatively, feel free to call us on 0345 224 5329.


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