Fleet Insurance
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What is Fleet Insurance? This is vital for any company or business that uses 2 or more cars, especially when the cars are dedicated or used mostly for business use. An Insurance policy covering your fleet can save your company up to thousands compared to insuring your vehicles individually. Keeping track of which vehicles are insured can not only be time consuming but also a legal nightmare, which is why insurance for a fleet of vehicles is essential to your business. Insuring all your vehicles under one policy gives you flexibility and total control, as well as a quick and easy solution to business vehicle insurance.

Insurance for your fleet of vehicles can cover a variety of things, such as loss or damage, breakdown, replacement costs as well as support towards legal and medical costs in the event of a crash. Fleetcover are aware the meaning of fleet insurance is very important and sometimes you need more bespoke insurance, which is why we also offer EU cover, protection for personal belongings and cover for trailers.

Let's look at some of the areas we cover;

  • Insurance for van fleet
  • Fleet car insurance
  • Fleet taxi insurance
  • mini fleet insurance
  • courier and commercial insurance for your fleet

Why choose Fleetcover to handle your Fleet Insurance Policy?

We understand that business owners are always busy and often don’t have time to deal with things like insurance. That’s where Fleetcover come in! We work with the UK’s largest Insurance providers for fleets to get you an instant, hassle-free policy. Having access to a carefully selected panel of over 20 different insurers means that we can provide you with a competitively priced, comprehensive insurance policy which could be up to 25% cheaper that your existing policy! Fleetcover are the ideal Insurance Broker to use, because our client charter means we provide:

– Savings on your fleet policy renewal

– Strategic marketing to our panel of insurers

– Excellent customer service from our knowledgeable team of experts

– In house claims management


Large Risk: 73 Vehicles
Current Premium: £63,082
Problem: Client approached us 4 days before his renewal date to check that the renewal provided by his existing broker was an affordable price.

Time was short but we obtained a quote of £53,655, saving the client over £9,000. We also arranged breakdown cover for his 73 vehicles.


Medium Risk: 14 Vehicles
Current Premium: £38,000
Problem: Existing broker had told client that a full market analysis had been carried out to find the best, cheapest quote. Client was suspicious this hadn’t been done, and with good reason as it turns out.

Our premium saved the client almost £2,000, with just 3 days before the renewal was due.


Small Risk: 5 Vehicles
Current Premium: £6,000
Problem: Client suspected they were paying over the odds for cover on their relatively mini fleet of vehicles.

We placed cover at £3,036.00 – halving the premium, and including breakdown cover.


Fleetcover is a trading partner of Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers, who can offer a wide range of bespoke non-motor insurance.

Visit the WCIB website for more information or contact a member of the team who will be happy to answer any questions:
0345 224 5329

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What is a fleet insurance policy?

A fleet insurance policy is a type of policy that covers a full fleet of vehicles, usually consisting of two or more cars, vans or trucks.

Insuring your vehicles under one policy allows for more flexibility and control over your fleet. Our guide to fleet insurance explains how this policy works and details the costs that are involved.


What are the benefits of fleet insurance?

There are plenty of benefits to having a fleet insurance policy for your company’s fleet.

Keeping track of your vehicles’ cover is easier when it all comes under one comprehensive policy. It is most certainly cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually. Find out more information below.


Is fleet insurance cheaper than individual insurance?

In most cases, fleet insurance is cheaper than individual vehicle insurance.

If you have two or more vehicles within your company, it is likely that you will benefit from getting a fleet insurance policy to cover all your vehicles together, rather than under separate policies.