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Fleet Van Insurance 

We provide van fleet insurance policy comparisons, free online quotes and highly valuable fleet protection plans.

If your business currently uses more than 2 vehicles, you will need to be covered by an expert fleet van insurance company. This is exactly what we at Fleetcover provide; comprehensive van insurance for your entire fleet.

What is fleet van insurance?

Fleet van insurance is comprehensive cover for 2 or more vans in a fleet owned by a business. Its main goal is to simplify motor insurance for a number of vehicles – in this case, vans. Insuring multiple vans under one insurance policy keeps costs low and makes cover simple.

Having one insurance renewal date and the ability to have Any Driver policies are just a few ways that fleet van insurance could simplify your business operations.

If at any point you need to make a claim, fleet insurance will ensure that it is registered across one policy, as opposed to individual vehicles. One of the best things about fleet van insurance is that the risk is spread across multiple vans which can then result in a lower, overall premium.


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How does fleet van insurance work?

The thought of legally keeping every single van in your fleet insured can be somewhat of a daunting task. At Fleetcover, we completely understand this, which is why we go out of our way to provide you with the best service possible.

The best way to insure multiple vehicles that are operated by numerous drivers is through one single, yearly payment for a comprehensive fleet insurance policy. This takes away the stress of trying to balance individual payments for your fleet, and makes viewing your whole policy so much simpler.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, opting for a fleet van insurance policy will save you money, time and give your business peace of mind when operating with a fleet.


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How many vans do you need for fleet insurance?

You need two vans in order to get fleet insurance. The amount of vans you will be able to cover on a single fleet policy however, tends to depend on which provider you go for. 

Technically, you could have 500 or even 1000’s of vans on one fleet policy; although, some providers will have a minimum and a maximum number of vans you can insure. If you have a large number of vans to insure, it’s worth contacting us to discuss your requirements and to secure the best deal.

If you have less than 10 vans, it could be worth looking into a mini fleet van insurance policy. Our small fleet van insurance policies can often provide a better deal for businesses with less reliance on their fleet for their daily operations.

Can I have cars in my fleet if I have fleet van insurance?

Yes, you can have cars in your fleet as well as vans, LCVs and HGVs. We can insure your fleet of vehicles under a fleet van insurance policy if you have a majority of vans in your fleet, and a few other vehicles alongside.

We understand that businesses often require the use of a car as well as a van, so we can tailor our policies to suit your needs. 

What does fleet van insurance cover?

Fleet van insurance differs from insuring vehicles individually as it gives you the flexibility to add temporary vehicles to your policy, such as for a couple of weeks at a time.

You can also add new vehicles to your policy and they will be insured until the policy renewal date. With individual policies, you would have to take out another policy every time you purchase a new vehicle.  

You may want to consider a policy that covers any driver over a certain age on all of your vehicles, or you may require a bespoke policy. For example, you may need cover for any driver aged over 21 in respect of your commercial vehicles. If your cars are only driven by older directors however, you could restrict cover on those vehicles to any driver aged over 30 (or whatever the relevant age restriction would be). Tailoring your policy in such a way can reduce your overall insurance spend. 

The main types of cover provided by a fleet insurance policy are listed below:

Third-Party Van Insurance

Third-party insurance covers you for the cost of any damage to other people, their vehicle or their property.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft Van Insurance

This will cover you for the same as standard third-party but will also cover you if your van gets stolen or is damaged by fire.

Fully Comprehensive Van Insurance

Full comprehensive cover includes everything that is mentioned above but will also cover you for any other types of damage to your van.

Other types of cover, such as Laid up Fire and Theft cover, have been a popular choice with our clients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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What is included in fleet van insurance?

With Fleetcover, you receive more than just standard fleet insurance. We have an in-house team of experts that are dedicated to providing you with professional advice, ensuring that you have all the cover you need without paying a penny more than you need to.

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We also provide, within your fleet cover policy:

  • A fully comprehensive fleet review
  • Communication with our in-house claims department
  • Savings on all insurance renewals
  • Risk management advice
  • Expert and private advice on your insurance issues
  • Fleet breakdown cover

As part of your overall fleet management programme, you would probably want to consider taking out a breakdown policy to cover all of the vehicles on your fleet. We offer van breakdown cover which ensures that your vehicles keep moving and keep making you money.

What can I use fleet van insurance for?

There are two main types of commercial fleet van insurance. These include: 

Haulage and Courier: If your business transports goods over long distances in multiple vans and you don’t have fleet insurance, you could be causing yourself more stress than you need to. This covers you if you’re carrying another business’s goods for delivery and payment.

Carriage of Own Goods: If you are transporting your own business items, this policy would insure you for specifically driving a van whilst carrying your own business goods, such as tools.

or each individual van in your fleet can be a difficult task. Therefore, choosing to pay one cost-effective, annual payment is key to avoiding missing payments, losing out on money and overall, freeing up your time.

The cost of fleet van insurance will depend on:

  • The size of your fleet;
  • The type of vans you want to cover;
  • The amount of drivers and their driving experience;
  • The excess you choose;
  • The type of cover you choose with us.

We’re more than happy to have a chat with you about the specifications of your fleet and what a policy may cost for you. Just get in touch!

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Benefits of Fleet Van Insurance

We offer a large range of additional benefits for fleet van insurance policies:

  • Mechanical breakdown cover
  • Recovery home or original destination if repairs cannot be carried out at roadside
  • Accident or vandalism cover
  • Fire, theft or attempted theft cover
  • Flat battery, loss or breakage of keys cover
  • Lack-of-fuel cover
  • Accidental damage to tyres cover, including punctures for motorcycles
  • SMS text messaging service to mobile phone callers advising them of the ETA of our operator

Having all of your fleet insured under one policy will also remove the hassle of you remembering multiple renewal dates, ensuring that you are never without cover.

Fleet Van Insurance with Fleetcover

Keeping your fleet of vans insured by our experts allows you to focus on growing your business and to not worry about your vehicles being covered correctly.

With Fleetcover, you gain more than just standard fleet van insurance. We’re here to provide you with professional cover and expert advice from our highly qualified team, whenever you need it. 

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