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What vehicle information do I need to supply to get a fleet insurance policy?

The basic vehicle information that we require in order to provide a quotation would include:

  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • Vehicle engine size
  • Vehicle registration number
  • The value of the vehicle


How long will my insurance quote be valid for?

We will advise you on how long your quotation is valid for when we provide you with one. Any changes to the quotation after it has been given could invalidate the first quotation. We would however, issue a new quotation based on the updated details and advise you how long it is valid for in this case.  (more…)

When will my cover start?

Your policy will start either:

  • The day after the expiry of your previous insurance policy or;
  • On the date that you instruct us to place the cover, if you haven’t had insurance before.


Do you insure electric fleet vehicles?

Yes, we can insure electric fleet vehicles. Electric car insurance is slightly more complicated to set up, so it’s best that you speak with an expert insurance broker such as FleetCover when doing this. We can help secure the right level of insurance for your electric fleet, covering all necessary aspects.

Can I get fleet insurance for a small business?

Yes, you can get fleet insurance for a small business. We can insure fleets with a minimum of 2 vehicles, which comfortably suits most small businesses. We offer small and mini fleet insurance that typically covers between 2 and 5 vehicles of any type.

Can you cover vehicle contents?

Contents are covered on most motor insurance policies however, we need to be clear on the definition of ‘contents’. Contents would not include tools or business goods. An example of what would class as contents would be personal belongings, such as a mobile phone.

This would be: 


Can I add taxis to a fleet insurance policy?

Yes, if you already have a fleet insurance policy with us then you can add taxis to your policy. We offer comprehensive taxi insurance for fleets, covering your fleet as standard whilst also offering public hire insurance, public and employers liability and passenger and luggage effects cover.


Is breakdown cover included on a fleet insurance policy?

Breakdown cover isn’t included as standard on most  fleet insurance policies however, we offer fleet breakdown cover as a separate policy, working with a number of  trusted providers to offer you the best price possible. We can cover your fleet for breakdowns with 2 or more vehicles of any type, tailoring your breakdown policy to suit your specific business needs and mirror your current fleet package. (more…)

Is fleet insurance cheaper than individual vehicle insurance?

Typically, fleet insurance is cheaper than individual vehicle insurance.

If you have 2 or more vehicles within your company, it is likely that you’ll benefit from investing in a comprehensive fleet insurance policy that covers your entire fleet in one, rather than taking out separate policies.

How many vehicles do I need to get fleet insurance?

The minimum number of vehicles you need to qualify for fleet insurance is two.

Can I be on a fleet insurance policy if I have a driving conviction?

Drivers who have serious convictions on their driving licence MUST be referred to insurers before allowing them to drive. These would include any conviction code that begins with the following letters: AC, BA, DD, DR, IN, MS, NE, TT, UT & XX.

We recommend that all fleet operators carry out regular licence audits and take photocopies of all drivers’ licences at least once a year.

Can plant & special type vehicles be included on a fleet insurance policy?

ne huge benefit of our motor fleet insurance is that different types of vehicles can all be placed on the same policy. The following vehicles can all be accommodated on our policy:

  • Construction and agricultural plant: Tractors, JCB’s, excavators.
  • Special types of vehicles: Fork lift trucks, trailers, horseboxes and even road sweepers.
  • Policies can also be extended to include the Tool of Trade Risk (sometimes known as Third Party Working Risk). It is important to consider where your plant will be used as the current definition of a “road” is very broad and will include most places where the public have access, including car parks.

Can I change vehicles on my fleet insurance policy?

Any additional premium charged by your insurers will be passed on to you and on occasions, we will make an administration charge.

Full details of how we are remunerated are contained within our Terms of Business which are available upon request and will be given to you when you become a client of Fleetcover.

Do I need to update the MID on changes to my fleet?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a government database which stores the details of every insured vehicle in the UK. It exists to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the road as well as assisting with claims that occur in the EU.

The police use the MID to identify uninsured vehicles, using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which are fitted to most police cars and are used on the road network. They can check which company a vehicle is insured with and who is named to drive on the policy.

It is a legal requirement to keep the MID up-to-date with any additions or deletions to your vehicle fleet. Some insurers will do this automatically for you when you notify them of any changes but the onus is on you, the policyholder, to ensure that the vehicles are correct at all times.

You should try to update the MID immediately via the MID online portal, although you have 7 days from the date that you take delivery of the vehicle to amend this on the website. This still applies if your policy is on a declaration basis.

For our valued customers, we do offer an MID update service for a nominal charge.

What is a declaration fleet policy?

A declaration fleet policy is a policy developed for businesses that have a vehicle fleet which has regular changes to the schedule of vehicles.


Are all Fleet insurance policies the same?

No. Some fleet policies offer added value benefits and cover extensions that may be a useful addition to your cover. Others may offer assistance with risk management, optional Breakdown Cover or driver training as part of the package. There are different levels of cover options available and others may be a fleet declaration type policy. As experts in Motor Fleet insurance we can help you find the best policy to suit your requirements.

Does my fleet policy cover me to drive any vehicle?

No, you can only drive vehicles that are noted on the policy.

Who can drive on a fleet policy?

Most fleet policies are usually arranged on an Any Authorised Driver basis which means that anyone can drive with the permission of the company/directors.


Can I use my personal vehicles on a fleet policy?

Director’s own vehicles can usually be included in a company fleet as long as they are registered to the directors personally. A special motor certificate will need to be issued for these vehicles showing the registered owner’s name – these will need to be declared to us.

What vehicles can’t I insure under the policy?

– Vehicles which are insured elsewhere under a private policy
– Vehicles that are not registered in the UK or registered in the name of the company or a director.

What vehicles can I insure under my fleet policy?

Any vehicle which is owned by & registered to the company. This will also include hired-in vehicles and loan/courtesy car vehicles. Vehicles leased under a lease agreement to the company or one of its directors can also be added.

Do I qualify for a Fleet Insurance?

If you are a UK business with 3 or more vehicles then ‘yes’. There are no restrictions to the type of business which can have a fleet policy.


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