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What is mini fleet insurance?

Here at Fleetcover, we offer prestige and specialist motor fleet insurance. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personal service, including full claims back-up. We act on behalf of clients nationwide, and can offer a complete fleet insurance management package.

Mini fleet insurance, also known as small fleet insurance, is a policy covering 2 or more vehicles, typically up to 5 although this varies between insurance providers. These vehicles can be cars, vans, HGV’s and more – or a combination of a few!

Getting small fleet insurance comes with a variety of benefits, not least the fact that you could save money compared to insuring your vehicles separately. Below we break down the benefits of taking out a policy.

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Benefits of mini fleet insurance

  • Save money: instead of insuring each vehicle individually, combining the vehicles under one policy can save you some of your hard-earned money, which is especially important for smaller businesses. 
  • Save time: as mentioned above, everything is under one policy so you don’t have to spend precious hours looking for different quotes, filling out paperwork etc. for each vehicle – it’s all processed as one, meaning it is very convenient when time is limited.
  • Just one renewal date: following on from the above point, keeping all your vehicles under one policy means there is only one renewal date for you to worry about.
  • Can add more when needed: if you’re a smaller business who is growing, you may need to add extra vehicles onto the policy as you expand. This is very easy to do and saves you a lot of time.
  • Lots of options available: we will break down the different options for cover in more detail further on, but your policy can essentially be custom-made to your business’s needs.
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What types of mini fleet insurance policies are available?

The most common type of mini insurance cover available are:

  • Third party only: This is the legal minimum to drive in the UK
  • Third party with fire and theft: this covers the third party in the event of an accident caused by you. This only covers fire and theft and not your actual vehicles
  • Comprehensive: this level of insurance provides the highest level of cover – third party protection as well as your vehicle and property

There are also additional add-ons, such as:

  • Employer’s liability insurance: this provides cover for claims made by employees past and present
  • Cover for European driving: usually capped at 90 days per year. This is often included in standard policies.


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What factors affect the price of mini fleet insurance?

Your policy will be tailor-made for your needs as there are a variety of factors that affect pricing, as with any form of insurance. These can include:

  • The age of the vehicles
  • The type of vehicles
  • How many are in your fleet
  • How often they are used
  • What condition they are in
  • Where they are kept at night
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