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Fleetcover has the experience you need, both to successfully administer your fleet insurance and provide timely advice whenever it is required.

We have access to a wide-range of insurer markets, from big-brand household names through to specialist underwriters and Lloyds syndicates. Our fleet cover expertise can provide you with market quotations and provide a real sense of value.

We offer the following services as part of our commitment to you:

  • Savings on your insurance renewal
  • Comprehensive fleet review
  • Strategic marketing to our panel of insurers
  • In house claims department
  • Access to risk management
  • Excellent customer service from our knowledgeable team of experts
  • Timely, personal and private advice on your insurance issues

We recognise that the majority of our new clients come to us because they have been let down by their own insurance broker. Whether it has been a last-minute discussion over your motor insurance, leaving you nowhere to go, or an increase in premium where you feel more could have been done.

No insurance provider has the right to keep its clients, and Fleetcover is no different. We strive to earn your loyalty by providing value, excellent levels of service and claims-handling and – most importantly – timely advice on both insurance for your fleet of vehicles and premium costings.

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Insurance For Business Vehicles

We understand that business car fleet operators require cover that is cost-effective, paired with an effective account management team to handle claims efficiently. Insurance policies are available for such risks whether the fleet is a new fleet or has been fleet rated for many years. A typical new fleet policy may start out at 2 vehicles with the flexibility to add more vehicles as the year progresses. Classes of use may include the following:

Social, Domestic and Pleasure Use – This would allow a policyholder to commute to and from one permanent place of work. A business car policy would not be suitable in this instance and you would be advised to insure your fleet vehicles individually to obtain the best premiums. Or to contact an insurer who can place ‘family fleets’.

Class 1 Business Use – This would allow the policyholder to use the vehicle for their business or profession and would allow travel to more than one permanent place of work. An area manager may require Class 1 use.

Class 2 Business Use – This would allow the same use as class 1 but for other drivers named on the policy as well.

Class 3 Business Use – This would provide the widest cover available allowing commercial travel including collection of money. Selecting the correct policy type is essential to running your fleet of vehicles efficiently; usage type is a main factor in calculating costs.

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Age restrictions will be taken in to consideration when rating a fleet policy. A typical insurance policy for a fleet of vehicles will exclude drivers aged below 17, drivers aged below 21, drivers aged below 25 or even drivers aged below 30. There are other variables to these age restrictions, but these are the most common. You will pay more for a policy that excludes drivers aged below 17 than you would for a policy that excludes drivers aged below 30.

The vehicles’ profiles will also be an important consideration for an insurance underwriter. An underwriter will consider the cost of repairs (parts and labour) for a particular vehicle, the value of the vehicle, the performance of the vehicle and the level of security amongst other factors.

Age restrictions and vehicle profiles are just two ways in which we can build your cover. Our experts can help you balance your perfect insurance policy combined with a level of cost that is feasible and practicable for your business.

INSURANCE BY FLEETCOVER Fleetcover is committed to providing a superior level of service and cover for all its customers. To see the full benefits of working with us, contact our team today to discuss your fleet’s insurance needs. 0345 224 5329
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Risk Managment

The price you pay for your insurance to cover the fleet is largely driven by your claims experience, whether that is good or bad. Proper risk management will allow you to develop and implement robust procedures to ensure that your fleet of vehicles is well managed and that any associated accidents are few and far between.

Risk management will help to lower the price you pay for insurance to cover your fleet of vehicles, thanks to an improved claims experience.

Young drivers, drivers with convictions, inexperienced drivers and drivers with previous incidents are all more likely to be involved in an accident than any other driver. By identifying these drivers within your company, you can focus your resources towards them.

Appropriate action could then take the form of driver training, driver monitoring and tracking or the implementation of a penalty or incentive scheme.

Fleetcover even offers risk software to help you assess your drivers and identify any who may require training. Actions such as these can help lower insurance premiums because underwriter can reasonably assume that fewer claims will follow.

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Fleet Management

Health and safety in the workplace is always of the upmost importance. This is also true in fleet vehicles; employers must ensure a safe working environment in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

To successfully defend yourself from prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act, you should keep a record of the measures you have taken to provide a safe working environment, whether that is recording licence checks, insurance checks, vehicle road worthy checks, MOT’s, driver training and the signing off on your company driver handbook.

There are a number of methods available that will help you to manage your fleet and keep you compliant with Health and Safety laws. A well-managed fleet will also attract discounts with most insurers; by investing time and resources in this area, you can help to improve your claims history.

Here are some additional risk management products which will complement any of the essential checks you should already have in place to comply with health and safety law:

  • Forward facing cameras
  • Driver facing cameras
  • Tracking systems
  • Licence checking
  • Driver training

Fleetcover can assist you in the assessment, valuation and improvement of your fleet management practices. To discuss your individual requirements, please contact us today.

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