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What is courier fleet insurance?

Depending on the policy you choose, you can be covered for your vehicles and the goods you transport if they are damaged or stolen during transit. 

Courier companies who transport goods are likely to have a fleet of vans which will require a specific insurance policy. At FleetCover, we provide cost effective fleet insurance policies tailored to meet your courier fleet needs.


What type of insurance do I need to be a courier?

If you are using your vehicles to transport goods for a charge/fee, then you will need Hire and Reward insurance, also known as haulage insurance

If you have 5 or more vehicles, then you should look at fleet insurance as a more time efficient and cost effective way of insuring your vehicles.

Hire and Reward, or haulage, insurance will cover your vehicles for transporting goods from A to B for a fee; but there are many different types of companies operating within this area, from companies who will do one or two drops per day to companies who carry out hundreds of drops per day.

Goods in transit cover is also recommended since you will more than likely be carrying customer goods, and it will usually be required by contract. 

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What is covered by courier fleet insurance?

Policies are usually a combination of different types of insurance, allowing you to create an insurance package that suits your courier fleet needs. 

There are different levels of courier insurance to choose from:

  • Third party only covers damage to others and their property. This is the minimum level of cover you can have by law, but it’s worth noting third party cover does not compensate you for damage done to your own vehicles. 
  • Third party, fire and theft provides third party only cover and will also compensate you if your vehicles are stolen or damaged by fire. 
  • Comprehensive includes third party, fire and theft and will also pay for your vehicle if an accident was to occur. This is the highest level of protection you can get. 
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Benefits of courier fleet insurance

There are numerous benefits to courier fleet insurance, including:

  • Coverage of all of your vehicles under one policy
  • Lower cost than insuring vehicles and drivers individually
  • Single renewal dates
  • Single points of contact when it comes to inquiries or policy changes
  • The opportunity to insure different types of vehicles under one policy 

How much does courier fleet insurance cost?

Courier fleet insurance costs will depend on various factors, including:

  • Claims experience
  • The age and experience of named drivers
  • Convictions of the drivers
  • The type of vehicle 
  • The level of cover selected 
  • The delivery radius you operate in 
  • Where the vehicles are parked overnight

How to save money on courier fleet insurance

Below are some simple ways to potentially reduce your courier fleet insurance costs.

  1. Try to maintain a good claims record to improve your chances of a cheaper insurance renewal.
  2. Choose vehicles with good security, such as alarms and immobilisers.
  3. Use telematics.
  4. Select the right level of insurance cover for your vehicles.

Read our five tips to reducing fleet insurance costs to find out more on how you can reduce your fleet insurance costs. 

Types of vehicles covered by courier fleet insurance

Most courier vehicles are vans that have a 7.5T GVW or less, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find cover for other vehicles, like cars or motorbikes, as part of a larger fleet policy. 

A courier fleet van insurance usually consists of five or more vans, and there is no limit to the number of vans that can be insured. Cost savings are available per vehicle with every additional motor added to the policy.

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Why do I need courier fleet van insurance?

A standard insurance policy will exclude the carriage of goods for a fee and therefore, you will require a policy that covers you for the carriage of goods for Hire and Reward. 

Furthermore, a fleet policy is a simple way to insure a number of vehicles and a number of vehicle types under one policy, saving you time and money. 

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FAQs about Courier Fleet Insurance


Can I insure different types of vehicles on one courier fleet insurance policy?

Yes, you can include different types of vehicles as part of your courier fleet, such as cars, small vans and motorbikes. 

However, courier vans must make up the bulk of your fleet.


Can drivers on a courier fleet insurance policy drive each vehicle?

Typically, a courier fleet policy will exclude drivers by age or by experience, with exceptions made for drivers with convictions. Therefore, any authorised driver who complies with the driving restrictions of the policy, will be able to drive any vehicle insured on the policy. 

Any restrictions to this would be outlined in your policy agreement and should be discussed with you before you take out the policy. 


What is the difference between courier fleet insurance and haulage insurance?

Courier fleet insurance will usually cover shorter distances and multi drop operators, whereas haulage fleet insurance tends to cover those who deliver large goods to one fixed destination. 

Couriers are often considered a high risk to insure, due to the time critical nature of their work.


Is courier fleet insurance mandatory for drivers?

Hire and Reward insurance is mandatory for couriers as this allows you to use your vehicles to transport other peoples goods for a fee. 

You can individually insure your vehicles, however, it should work out cheaper to insure them on a fleet policy, and also save you time too.

If you want protection for the goods that are being transported, you must ensure you have Goods in Transit cover in addition to any motor insurance.


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