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What is haulage fleet insurance?

Haulage fleet insurance is designed to cover businesses and companies who transport large volumes of goods to one single location. 

This is usually part of a contract, in which goods are transported over large distances to fixed locations. 

Due to the nature of haulage companies, there is a significant variety of goods that can be transported including pallet work, refrigerated goods or hazardous goods.  

Haulage fleet insurance is used to protect businesses and the operators of haulage vehicles against the risks associated with transporting goods over any distances. 


What is light haulage insurance?

Light haulage insurance is a type of policy designed for businesses or individuals who carry goods on behalf of their customers – they will usually use smaller vehicles of 3.5 or 7.5 tonnes, and operate on a limited delivery basis.

For example, this may be when an operator has a contract for delivering goods to a single location daily. 

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What insurance do you need for a haulage company?

Haulage insurance is a legal requirement if you are transporting other peoples goods for a fee, as is vehicle insurance for any motor vehicle on UK roads.

Goods in transit cover is also recommended if you are carrying customer goods or goods of your own, and will usually be required by contract. 

There is a wide range of options for this cover, from your standard £1,300 per tonne under RHA conditions to all risks cover for more specialist risks. 

If you own and operate a haulage company with two or more haulage vehicles it will save you time by insuring the vehicles on a multi vehicle policy or a fleet haulage insurance policy. 

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What is covered in haulage fleet insurance?

Fleet haulage insurance policies are specifically created for the protection of haulage vehicles, such as HGV’s. It is important that businesses who transport a large amount of goods across long distances are covered against potential risks. 

Depending on how your business operates and the level of cover your require, haulage fleet insurance policies will cover:

  • Theft of vehicles 
  • Damage to vehicles 
  • Accidents caused by third parties
  • Injury to employers 
  • Injury to members of the public 
  • Fire


Do I need haulage fleet insurance?

If your business transports other peoples goods for a fee (hire and reward), then you need haulage cover. Haulage fleet insurance allows you to bring multiple vehicles together under one policy, saving you time and money and ensuring that each vehicle is correctly covered.

Regardless of the size of your company, the correct cover is imperative for ensuring your HGV’s are protected. 

If you are contracted to arrange the storage of third-party goods, it is essential you are correctly covered for any loss or damage that could occur. Your customers requirements may vary, and so restrictions and limitations within your policy must be considered to ensure the insurance covers any losses. 

No matter how safe your drivers are when driving a haulage vehicle, there are always risks of property damage, injury to an employee or injury to a member of the public. 

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How much does haulage fleet insurance cost?

The cost of your haulage fleet insurance may vary depending on the amount of vehicles in your fleet and your specific business needs. 

Larger haulage risks will be fleet rated so the rate that you pay is reflective of the performance of your fleet and of your own claims history.

At FleetCover, our team can build bespoke policies for your individual business requirements, ensuring you are covered fully, but only paying for what you require. 

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Haulage firms business insurance with Fleetcover

Our experienced team looks after a full range of fleet policies, including haulage firm fleet insurance.

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FAQs about haulage fleet insurance 

What is the difference between haulage fleet insurance and courier insurance?

Haulage fleet insurance tends to cover those who deliver large loads of goods to one fixed destination, whereas courier insurance covers those who deliver to multiple locations as part of a courier service. 

Courier insurance will usually cover shorter distances and can differ from a day-to-day basis, carrying a large variety of different goods and products.

Courier services are often considered more high-risk than haulage, and so requires a policy that can cover multiple risks. 


What is the difference between haulage fleet insurance and goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transport insurance covers the items that you carry whilst in transit – this cover helps to protect your business should anything happen to goods during transportation. 

It can be taken out by those who transport goods on behalf of clients, or by those who transport their own goods and want cover against damage, theft or loss of items.

Haulage insurance primarily covers the vehicle that is transporting the goods, not the actual goods themselves. 

If you want protection for the goods that are being transported, you must ensure you have Goods in Transit cover included with your haulage fleet policy. 

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