Small Fleet Insurance Quote And Guide

A Guide to Small Fleet Insurance

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Are you guilty of having many company vehicles under individual insurance policies? If you are then we may have the perfect solution for you. Having company vehicles individually insured is a great way to spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time – and nobody wants that, right? At Fleetcover, we offer the ideal solution to this problem which is small fleet insurance.

As a small business, cutting costs and saving time is so important and something many business owners will be looking to do.

If you aren’t aware of small fleet insurance, let us guide you through the basics below.

What Is Small Fleet Insurance?

Small fleet insurance (or MIni fleet insurance), is a form of cover that relates solely to people or companies looking to insure 2 or more vehicles. In terms of vehicles, small fleet insurance will consist of HGV’s, lorrys, vans, cars or all. Due to legal obligations, it’s crucial to seek out mini fleet insurance if you are responsible for multiple vehicles as they need to be insured.

If you are a small business then you may be a perfect fit for mini-fleet insurance. Smaller businesses don’t need the same type of insurance that big companies have for large fleets but they still need more protection than you would receive from a singular car insurance policy.

A mini fleet policy may save your company a lot of headaches as there is no need to insure lots of drivers under individual policies. With our insurance, you will be able to include all your vehicles under one single motor insurance certificate.

Benefits Of Small Fleet Insurance

Commercial vehicles are a fundamental component of many successful businesses. Having a fleet of company vehicles will allow your business to expand in different areas and target new customers in new locations.

So, why is having all your vehicles under one single motor insurance a good thing?

To start with, a small fleet policy will save you a lot of time. Having to insure individual vehicles under individual policies can be very time-consuming. Mini fleet instant insurance will ensure that your vehicles are taken care of under one manageable policy.

Ultimately, having your vehicles under one motor insurance will guarantee that paperwork and administration is simplified, leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Not only does our policies save time but it can also save you money. This is due to it being cheaper to insure vehicles under one policy instead of individual policy.

What Are The Costs Of Small Fleet Insurance

Now you know the benefits of having fleet insurance, but is it cost effective?

As a business, you want to make good investments that will benefit your company in the long run. A fleet policy is far more cost-effective than insuring individual vehicles, so from a financial perspective, it makes a lot of sense to go for mini-fleet insurance.

The actual costs of insurance for your mini fleet will be dependent on the number of vehicles and the type of vehicles you have at your company. As your fleet grows, we can add the suitable level of insurance. To receive a quote for your fleet insurance, please get in touch with us below!

 Fleet Insurance at Fleetcover 

As you will now know, it makes a lot of sense to have mini fleet insurance if you are a relatively small business. The fact you can save a lot of time and money makes it completely worthwhile. At Fleetcover, our goal is to provide you with a professional cover policy and a highly qualified team to guide you through the process.

For more information, get in touch and talk to one of our advisors today to experience the benefits yourself!

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