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What can digger and excavator insurance cover?

Digger and excavator insurance covers a range of risks that are associated with operating this kind of heavy machinery. 


Risks can include damage to the machine itself, damage to other property or equipment, injury to workers and any legal claims arising from other incidents. 

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What is not covered with this insurance?

Third Party Working Risks are not covered under the vehicle insurance and this applies when the vehicle is being used as a tool of trade. 


Therefore, if a vehicle was driving down a road from one location to another there would be cover, but when it is operational as a tool, such as excavating, there wouldn’t be any cover to third party property.


Who needs digger and excavator insurance?

If you’re using diggers and excavators to do excavation work, whether that’s on a construction site or private property, you should have digger and excavator insurance in place. 


It can protect you, the equipment you’re using and even cover you from compensation claims for injuries or damage to someone’s property.

How many diggers do you need for a digger insurance policy?

The minimum number of diggers you need for a digger insurance policy can be as low as just 2 vehicles. 


If you have a fleet that is made up of a range of vehicle types, we can tailor a policy specifically for you. We work with a large panel of insurers, meaning we are able to cater to most requirements. 


How much does digger and excavator insurance cost?

The cost of digger and excavator insurance can vary depending on a variety of different factors, including:


  • The number of diggers you want to cover 
  • The value of the equipment you want to cover 
  • The type of work you’re doing and where
  • Whether you own the equipment or you’ve hired it 
  • The size of the projects you’re working on 

Is digger insurance a legal requirement?

Digger insurance is only a legal requirement if you want to drive your digger or excavator on public roads or land where the general public have access to.


However, that being said, we alway recommend that you invest in digger insurance regardless of whether you do or don’t drive on public roads. This will help to make sure you and your business are protected if a claim was made against you. Also, it can sometimes be unclear whether something is a public road, so it’s best to be protected anyway.


Showing that your business is fully insured also helps to reassure customers that you are committed to providing a safe service, and many clients will ask for proof of relevant insurances before they allow contractors to undertake work for them.


Digger and excavator insurance with FleetCover

At Fleetcover, we offer bespoke digger and excavator insurance policies. We are more than happy to have a chat about the specifications for your fleet and what a policy may cost you. 

Just get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

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