Don’t leave the keys in…

As we seem to be rapidly approaching the onset of winter, the number of claims involving theft of cars and vans left with their keys in will soar, as vehicle users leave their engines running trying to defrost before leaving for work.

Insurers will have difficulty in justifying payment for any theft where the user has clearly left the vehicle unattended, and whilst a number of complaints against insurers over claims being turned down have been upheld by the Financial Ombudsman, the issue of whether a vehicle is unattended or not, or reasonable care of the vehicle has been taken, can be a little subjective. And subjectivity is the last thing you want when you need a claim to be paid.

Simple rule for drivers – Don’t leave the keys in, and lock your vehicle whenever you leave it – even if it’s on your drive.

As Brokers, we haven’t failed yet in getting a claim paid where keys were left in, but we don’t want any of our clients to ruin our unblemished record! Click the link for an interesting report by the Financial Ombudsman.

Keys In Cars – Case Studies

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