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Tractor and trailer

What insurance do you need to drive a tractor?

At FleetCover, we can cover your farm vehicles for incidents on your private land and on public roads.

If you drive a tractor solely on your own land, you do not need insurance. However, if you drive them on what is deemed to be a public road in the UK, then you will need at least Third Party insurance as a minimum. This is to ensure that you have the minimum level of cover in place as determined by the Road Traffic Act.


Even if you’re confident that you won’t damage your tractor on private land, you may still be at risk of fire or theft, which is why it’s always a good idea to have some level of protection. 


Also, private land can still be deemed to be a place that the public have access to, so you could still need the minimum level of cover as defined by the Road Traffic Act. It is increasingly common that farms will operate shops and other facilities and will invite members of the public on to their land.

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What is tractor and agricultural plant insurance?

Tractor and agricultural plant insurance is a type of insurance policy that is specifically designed for agricultural vehicles like tractors. Agricultural plant insurance covers a wide range of different vehicles such as quad bikes, harvesters and sprayers, whereas tractor insurance will only cover the tractors you have. 

If you don’t have any other vehicles than tractors at your farm, then the best option to go for is tractor insurance. If you have other equipment, then it’s a good idea to use agricultural plant insurance to cover all the different types of vehicles. 

What does tractor insurance cover?

Typically, tractor insurance will cover the tractor itself, any trailers that are attached and any other accessories. 

It can also include cover for:

  • Damage, theft or loss of the tractor itself, as well as any accessories
  • Windscreen damage
  • Personal accident cover
  • Motor legal expenses


It’s also worth noting that some policies may limit you to a certain annual mileage, which is why it’s important to always check the policy fineprint before committing. 

What levels of cover does tractor insurance offer?


The level of insurance you need depends on what you want to be covered for and how you use your tractor. The three main levels of cover are:

  • Third party only – This only covers people making claims against you. It does not cover loss or damage on your tractor.

  • Third party, fire and theft – This includes claims against third parties, as well as damage or loss to your vehicle as a result of fire or theft.

  • Comprehensive cover – This includes everything from the above types of cover, as well as cover for your vehicle if it’s damaged or lost due to vandalism. 


There is also cover for vintage tractors which aren’t used on a day to day basis. These tractors are those which are 25 years old or older and are typically displayed at agricultural shows and rallies. 


How many tractors do you need for a tractor insurance policy?

You can have as little as one tractor on your insurance policy. Combining the cost of the insurance for all of your tractors is a good way to save money, whilst also making the management and renewal of the policies much easier.


How much does tractor insurance cost?

The cost of tractor insurance can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The age of your tractors
  • The size of your fleet
  • Value of the tractor
  • Where you drive your tractors 

If you have a fleet of tractors, or you will soon be getting more tractors at your farm, get in touch with the team at FleetCover for assistance with your fleet insurance policies. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and find the best policies for you. 

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