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Company Car Insurance: A brief guide & get a quote today

We provide company car insurance for a wide range of businesses, understanding your fleet in detail to supply you with a policy that truly reflects your unique needs. As fleet insurance experts, we’re well positioned to offer you the best insurance deal if you or your business own multiple vehicles. 

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What insurance do I need for a company car?

When looking for insurance for a company car or multiple business vehicles, it’s important to understand how comprehensive your policy is. Each policy and provider can vary, with additional options available. We understand everyone has different requirements, so we make it affordable and relevant to your business. 

We take time to understand how often you will be driving, how many miles, the number of company car vehicles you need to insure, employee details and claims history, which can help us determine the best policy for you. 

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Is my company car already insured?

If your company car is owned or leased by your employer then they should seek insurance on your behalf, as it is their responsibility. It’s certainly worth checking this with your employer. 

If the company car is owned or leased in your name as the policyholder then you will need to seek insurance. 

As mentioned above, the employer can benefit from a fleet company car insurance, gaining a simple, effective and cheaper deal.

What does company car insurance cover?

Company car insurance can provide a comprehensive level of cover for businesses who are responsible for vehicles for their employees. The level of cover is ultimately decided by you, but with our experts on hand we can help to build you the right policy. 

Have other vehicles within your business fleet too? No problem, we can cover multiple vehicles under one policy. 

Additional options to consider include;

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Who pays for the insurance for my company car?

If you personally own the company car, seeking and paying for the insurance is your responsibility. 

It’s likely you’ll need business car insurance, rather than company car insurance. 

As an employer, who owns the company car, it is your responsibility to seek the insurance. The cost of this, and any other maintenance, is usually paid for by the employer. However, that doesn’t mean it’s free for employees! 

Employees will pay a company car tax, also known as benefit in kind (BIK).

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Do I still get NCB (no claims bonus) on my company car insurance?

It is still possible to receive no claims bonus on a company car insurance policy, you should speak to your employer to check and/or request this. Employers may need more personal information in order to gain this level of cover.

Can a company car be used for personal use?

Yes, a company car can be used for personal use as you will be paying BiK/company car tax.

How much is company car insurance?

The cost of a company car insurance policy can vary depending on your business needs. Common things that will impact the cost, include;

  • How many vehicles you want to insure
  • The make and model of the vehicles 
  • Whether they are all the same vehicles or include; cars, vans, HGV’s etc. 
  • The level of cover you require (with/without add ons)
  • The location of your business
  • The specific information and driving history of all employees 
  • The amount of driving; considering miles and locations.

To discuss your requirements please get in touch with one of our expert, friendly team members today. We’ll help you to find a relevant and competitive company car insurance policy.


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